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Thanks for visiting. It is with some sadness that I've finally gotten around to editing this site.

In October of 2015 I was in a motor vehicle accident, and the injuries I sustained caused me to take some time off. Unfortunately I never returned to work, and A.S.D. Computers has been shut down. If you have tried to call you will have noticed that you immediately get transferred to voicemail. I am not checking the messages, and our phone number is not connected to any physical location. The only reason it exists is because it is connected to my Shaw account.

My email address has remained the same because I used it for so much personal correspondence that it is the only way many people know how to contact me. It is far easier for me to pay the $15 a year to keep the domain name than it is to try and contact everyone in my address book (I have literally thousands of contact addresses), so feel free to continue using my asdcomputers.com email address.

A.S.D. Computers ran for almost 15 years and was an incredible business concept that has left me with so many friends and good memories. Almost all of my clients became friends, and so many of you stepped up to do so much for me after the death of my wife. If you are one of them and we have lost touch, don't think I don't remember you. I do, and I can never repay the kindness you've shown to me even if I spend a lifetime trying.

Some of you have contacted me and asked if I know of anyone local that can take over for me. I actually thought of selling the company at one point, but there wasn't really anything to the business except me and the name. There were no real assets to sell, and I just could not give the name to someone I didn't know. I also haven't been able to find anyone that I would trust with your computers and data. (There was one person I would have felt safe giving it to, but he went on to a job in Vancouver. If he is reading this he knows I'm talking about him. :) )

So let me close this out by saying so long and thanks for all the fish. If you don't get what I mean, don't worry about it, I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee. And yes, the answer truly is '42'.

Take care all, and God Bless you!
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At A.S.D. Computers our mission is to provide honest and reasonably priced information technology services and products to individuals and businesses alike. We hold the following principles and statements in the highest regard. We believe:
  • Everyone deserves to understand what they're buying and make an informed purchase.
  • Patient explanation and communication of relevant data in YOUR vocabulary, whether you're an I.T. professional or someone's grandmother is key to our success and your satisfaction.
  • No one, as a 'big box store' told one of our clients, is "too stupid to own a computer!"
  • That the biggest numbers and most expensive items are NOT necessarily what you need or will use.
  • Service doesn't end at the door. In order to give the exceptional service that you need, and that we've become known for, we've found that we need to get to know you, to better understand you and your computing needs on a personal level.

At A.S.D. Computers, we are your computer friends!

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